Adoration Servants has
meekly made three proposals
to the Kinght leadership.

   Letter of Apology 2014
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   Supreme 2012 Requotes
   Mother Cabrini Apology
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The founder of Adoration Servants, a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus, joined the Knights primarily due to the writings of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson as related to the Eucharist, which he became aware of while assisting the Archdiocese of Chicago with the 2005 Grant Park procession hosted by the Knights. At Adoration Servants, we love the vision Carl Anderson has of the Knights leading parish renewal and we long for its realization. We see Eucharistic Adoration as the pivotal activity for true renewal that has not been given enough focus.

“We Knights of Columbus are also Knights of the Eucharist.”  Carl Anderson

 Adoration Servants has provided the following template resolution to Councils to use in their efforts to bring to fruition so many of the stated Knight goals and priorities, St John Paul II's Adoration hope, and the call of Pope Francis for all parishes to be open 24/7. The resolution template is available in PDF format and WORD format.
Read the Ohio State Knights of Columbus 2013 Resolution proposing the Knights champion Eucharistic Adoration.  This resolution was presented to the Supreme Board at the August 2013 Supreme Convention in San Antonio. Shortly thereafter the Supreme Board decided not to support this resolution. 
“Father McGivney would have been shocked had he known that a century down the road, his Knights would find themselves having to fight in the courts and the legislatures to protect innocent human life and traditional marriage against the onslaughts of an out-of-control judiciary and an increasingly secular society.” Carl Anderson 
“We Knights of Columbus pledge to do everything in our power to end abortion, protect innocent life and traditional marriage.” Carl Anderson 
Referring to Popes Benedict XVI and Blessed John Paul II, Carl Anderson wrote “it is surprising how little known is the vision of these popes.”
In the September 2007 issue of Columbia magazine our Supreme Knight Carl remarked on the concern of the Holy Father for the vitality and renewal of parish life. Carl Anderson stated “we are providentially positioned to take up the challenge of a leadership role in the renewal of parish life: to be the strong right arm of our parish priests…we must reach out into more parishes with an active presence”.
In support of Carl Anderson’s statement we believe the most charitable thing the Knights could do is provide the example, inspiration, and resources to make the 1993 goal of Pope John Paul II a reality when he stated “I hope that ... perpetual adoration, with permanent exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, will continue into the future. Specifically, I hope that the fruit of this Congress results in the establishment of perpetual Eucharistic Adoration in all parishes and Christian communities throughout the world.”
In that same issue of Columbia Cardinal Marc Quelet said there is a “great Eucharistic movement now under way in the Church”. While we agree, our experience supporting Perpetual Adoration in multiple dioceses in the United States tells us that we have reached a point of complacency and stagnation in this movement, even a decline. One of the obstacles surely keeping parish priests from supporting Eucharist Adoration with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is a fear of having enough adorers to sustain it, and fear of problems managing the activity.
As already stated Pope John Paul II wished that perpetual adoration and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament be established in every parish throughout the world. It is a provable fact that when our Lord is exposed in the Blessed Sacrament, more people come to adore Him than would do so otherwise when He is hidden from view in the tabernacle.
But exposition requires a guaranteed presence of the faithful. Under no circumstances may exposition take place such that no adorers are present. To accomplish this guarantee takes significant commitment from many people and significant work in coordinating the ongoing efforts. The active presence and leadership role in the renewal of parishes Carl Anderson speaks of can be immediately accomplished by every Knight in every Council scheduling themselves for a weekly holy hour where perpetual adoration is in place, finding out from the chapel leaders where they need help, and where requested, taking on any administrative duties that perpetual adoration entails.

We can help the Knights do this! The Knights have the numbers! The Knights have the resources!  The Knights have the infrastructure!
We can help the Knights come to the spiritual rescue of the world, fullfilling the dream of Blessed Pope John Paul II, as desired by our Supreme Knight. 
Chapels need not be empty more often than not.
The tools we provide make the administration of Eucharistic adoration at the Parish level very manageable. The Knights of Columbus can be the visible Knights of the Eucharist at every parish, making Blessed John Paul II’s dream truly a reality, for the good of all the world.



(And the Catholic world will follow them to His Presence)